From the arrival on 29th January, 1836, of 5 sisters; Pauline Lefevre, Sr. Onesime, Superioress; Adelaide Delorme, Sr. Scholastique; Antoinette Beurier, Sr. Pelagie; Marguerite de Wint, Sr. Louis de Gonzague; Marie Josephine Remi, Sr. Theotiste and Civilise Jacqumel, Sr. Gabrielle; the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny has made an immeasurable contribution to the educational community and to society in general in Trinidad & Tobago.
Since Blessed Anne Marie founded her Congregation in Cluny, Burgundy under the patronage of St. Joseph in 1807, the primary aim of the order has been to care for orphans and educate children. Grounded in their tradition and faith, they have offered thousands of girls in this country, an education which enriched character and inspired a lifelong passion for learning and personal excellence, while providing them with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to become confident, passionate young women, eager to play leading roles in shaping our country and the world.

FotorCreatedOn Thursday, 22nd September, 2016, in recognition of their efforts, the Mayor of Port of Spain, Keron Valentine recognised this, and bestowed Sister Annetta Alexander, Provincial Superior of the order with the Keys of the City of Port of Spain.  (Click below to read the full text of his address.)

The ceremony  which was held in the school’s chapel, was attended by Minister of Education, the Honourable Anthony Garcia, and Fathe Clyde Harvey represented the Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, Father Joseph Everard Harris. Also in attendance were our immediate past principals, Mrs. Elizabeth Crouch and Mrs. Jennifer Annandsingh.



 Ladies and Gentlemen:

Mine is not a question, but to act, to recognize the diligence, the commitment, dedication, brilliance and professionalism of those who went before and who by the quality of work performed left PoS better than they met her and in the process created the quality of space that I, the Mayor of the City, could be assigned the task to be the 43rd Mayor of PoS.

I feel doubly blessed to be on the one the Mayor of the Capital, but more so to have within the boundaries of our City, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny and the outstanding institution the St. Joseph’s Convent of PoS, which they conceived and built for us, the people of PoS some 180 years ago. Some may argue and rightfully so that St. Joseph’s Convent was given to All of T&T but I believe all of that came later- much later.

The history will show that on January 29th, 1986, 5 sisters arrived in PoS and they began the successful story of St. Joseph’s Convent of PoS.

As Mayor, I am mindful of the long and productive stream of ordinary people who have been schooled and perfected into model citizens of our Republic. The list of persons who form the Alumni and are distinguished by their contributions to our National community underscore the value of quality work of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny.

The evidence suggest that there can be No distinction between the organization i.e. St. Joseph’s Convent of PoS and the administrators- the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. Together both institutions have fashioned- perhaps the best educational institutions within the Caribbean.

How then do we as leaders of the City respond to this extraordinary contribution of institutions and express our sincere appreciation in a meaningful and tangible way. The PoS City Council wishes it could do more, but on this occasion, we believe it is both appropriate and fitting that we bestow the City’s highest and most prestigious award- the Key to the City in recognition of the sterling, meritorious and invaluable contribution in the spheres of religion and education, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny and the St. Joseph’s Convent, PoS.

On behalf of all members of the City Council, CEO and Administrative Staff of the Port of Spain Corporation and indeed on my own behalf I salute and congratulate you all. I Thank You.


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